Friday, May 12, 2017

H: A Picaresque Novel in Verse

This is a book I recently finished which was published by Aakenbaaken & Kent this past February. I'll grant you it's not an easy book to read. It presumes a very large vocabulary in the reader. It's not a large book, only about 145 pages, and took me 26 years to write. But it is a book in the old tradition where every word is made to count. It is a metered and rhymed epic poem retelling Hercules' adventures. It's told in a light, satirical style. It may not sell well because it requires readers to think. You can't tell a great story if you never venture beyond a fifth grade vocabulary. I'm hoping my book may become a classic in time, one of those enduring books that continue to be read for both style and content.

I sent an email query to Penguin Books and received a brief response saying they don't accept unsolicited submissions--what a brush off; they would if it were submitted by some talentless celebrity with name recognition--and the writer recommend I visit the public library and check out a copy of The Writers Market where I could find the names of reputable literary agents. I thanked the person but said I'd rather shoot my book into outer space as it would have the same effect.